Another phishing email in Irish mailboxes, this time using Vodafone invoice as bait

After the TV Licence scam ESET Ireland warned last month and sextortion the month before that, cybercriminals are again using a household name to trick people into paying.

ESET Ireland is warning Irish users not to fall for the professional-looking phishing attempt, pretending to be a reminder from Vodafone to check your invoice details for uninterrupted service.

The email says:


Dear customer;

Your current invoice is ready to pay. Unfortunately; we can’t process your payment at the moment due to a rejection in your account autopay. This may cause a break in your line, you must update your information to avoid any interruption of services.

Please make sure you update your account as soon as possible to keep enjoying the service. Simply click on the link to access to the quick update form.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help.


Customer Department

Clicking on the US-registered website link takes the user to a fake Vodafone page, that’s made to look professional, with all the appropriate logos and attributes, where they’re asked to put in all their details, from name, home address, phone number and email, that can be later used for further personalised scams or identity theft, to their card payment details, that can be abused right away.


ESET Ireland recommends not replying to the email or clicking on the links in it, marking it as spam and warning your friends about it.

by Ciaran McHale & Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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