TV Licence scam email targeting Ireland


An email, pretending to be a reminder from An Post to renew the TV Licence, leads to a phishing website that steals payment card details.

An email from a Brazil-linked address has been landing in Irish mailboxes lately, claiming to come from An Post, the subject stating “Your TV Licence is about to expire”:

“Dear customer;

We hope you enjoy your TV Licence. We would like to inform you that your annual subscription expires in 6 days.
We’d love to keep you as a customer, and there is still time to complete your subscription. Simply click on the link to renew your subscription.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact our support service to learn more.

Customer Department”

Fraudulent Email

Clicking the link takes the victim to a phishing page hosted on a US-based website, where they’re asked to fill in their payment card details, which are then sent to the scammers.

Phishing page

ESET Ireland recommends ignoring the email and marking it as spam, as well as refraining from clicking on any links contained in it.

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