CyberThreats Daily: Win7 machines harder hit by infection as VXers change tactics

Win7 infection rates rose during the second half of 2010 even as malware hit rates on XP machines declined, according to official statistics from Microsoft.

The latest edition of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report shows an infection rate of four Win7 PCs per 1,000 in the second half of 2010, up from three Win7 PCs per 1,000 during the first half of 2010. The rise of more than 30 per cent contrasts with a drop of the infection rate, albeit from a much higher starting point, for older and less secure machines running Windows XP. Read more on The Register.

Getting a grip on Flash cookies: Adobe publishes Flash 10.3

Adobe has published version 10.3 of its Flash Player for all platforms. This version finally gives users control of their Flash cookies, but only if one of the currently supported web browsers is used: Firefox 4, Chrome 11, Internet Explorer 8 (or higher) and, soon, Safari. Full article on The H Security.

Magic Lantern: Shining a light on the AV numbers game?

“You don’t hear anything about the FBI’s Magic Lantern spyware – sorry, policeware – for years, and then suddenly it’s all over the place. Media-wise, at any rate: I don’t have any exciting news of an epidemic of electronic surveillance, but there seems to be a lot of interest in Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier (CIPAV) again… “ writes David Harley, ESET senior research fellow

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