CyberThreats Daily: Scammers Swap Google Images for Malware

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a single tainted digital image may be worth thousands of dollars for computer crooks who are using weaknesses in Google’s Image Search to foist malicious software on unsuspecting surfers.

Krebs on Security blogged that for several weeks, some readers have complained that clicking on Google Images search results directed them to Web pages that pushed rogue anti-virus scareware via misleading security alerts and warnings. On Wednesday, the SANS Internet Storm Center posted a blog entry saying they, too, were receiving reports of Google Image searches leading to fake anti-virus sites.

Woman Loses Over $366,000 Due to Facebook Scam

Compassion is all well and good, but it’s deadly to have too much of it and too little common sense. One woman from Shah Alam, Malaysia, was scammed of over RM1.1 mil, or $366,000, after she fell for the con artist’s sob stories on Facebook. Con artists often appeal to a person’s sense of compassion in order to mulch some money off of him or her. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, and as long as people don’t realize that there are ways to show compassion that don’t necessarily involve sharing bank account details, then it will continue to work and people will keep on losing their money needlessly. Read the full story on Facecrooks.

ZeuS source code freely available on the net

H Security reports an archive has appeared in various places on the internet whose contents turn out to be the source code of ZeuS (version Malware expert Thorsten Holz confirmed the discovery and said that he has known about the archive for more than two weeks. Now, IT security firm CSIS has documented the discovery in a blog posting.

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