CyberThreats Daily: Got a Samsung? You Got Owned

If you have a Samsung computer check it out. If there is a directory called c:\windows\SL. This is a directory used to house a commercial keystroke logger that it appears Samsung is using to steal your passwords, screen shots, and other data.

Network World has the full story. But our advice would be, if you own a Samsung computer and find the keystroke logger on your computer, you will need to uninstall it, and then change all of your passwords.

Facebook Fixes Flaw – Farmville Compromises Facebook

A blog by Randy Abrams, ESET’s Director of Technical Education explains how Facebook took an important step to help protect Facebook user accounts by allowing users to choose to keep an encrypted connection as long as they used just Facebook and intelligently designed apps. But if users tried to use grossly insecure apps such as Farmville, 21 Questions, or a variety of apps by Rockyou they were switched back to an unencrypted connection.

The End of Win32/Swizzor?

It appears that the group behind the Win32/Swizzor malware family has put an end to their operation. This malware family has been around since 2002. Security companies have seen hundreds of thousands of unique binaries classified as this family, which was installed on PCs through “affiliate” programs. The malware is used to display unsolicited advertisements on infected systems. ESET malware researcher Piere-Marc Burreau explains.

How do I specify where my spam messages are stored?

Check out this instructional ESET video on YouTube, to learn how to set-up your ESET security software.

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