CyberThreats Daily: Support scams continue, Ireland no exception

We regularly warn our readers about the dangers of “support scams”, where calls from supposed tech support companies offer remotely fixing computers as well as installing some actual or bogus antivirus product for a fee.

Since we’re getting increased reports about such activities in Ireland as well, it would be useful to read ESET researcher David Harley’s latest article Supporters Club, as well as ESET Ireland’s own report on the issue from a while ago. And here are a couple more good resources about the threat: “Your PC is Infected” Phone Scam and Scam

A tsunami is also a crime wave

No prizes were offered for predicting that criminals would exploit the recent Japanese disasters. Just as well, as there were plenty of warning blogs and articles. You might be a little more surprised, though, at the sheer range of malicious activity displayed this time round. Another article by David Harley reveals the details.

Randy Abrams, ESET Director Of Technical Education

Samsung and I Got Bit by a VIPRE

Yesterday we reported that Samsung laptops were infected with a keystroke logger. This certainly appeared to be the case as a Samsung supervisor reportedly confirmed ( that Samsung shipped infected laptops. Samsung has since indicated that this is not the case. Randy Abrams explains how even experienced researchers can be mislead.

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