ESET Ireland consistently raising awareness about cybersecurity issues

Over the past few years, ESET Ireland’s cybersecurity experts have been regular guests at various institutions, organisations and special events, discussing various aspects of the increasingly complex world of IT security.

ESET Ireland’s most recent major appearance, with an explanation of major data threats and means of protection, was at an event in Bunratty, organised by a partner firm Hybrid Technology Partners. The event also featured John O’Dwyer, Deputy Commissioner at the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, who explained the basics of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

ESET Ireland’s Urban Schrott explaining data threats at Bunratty Castle Hotel

As was the case with most other similar events, following the presentations, comes the Q&A session, during which many interesting issues are raised and discussed and sometimes the cyber-lessons learned in the real world are shared as well. Rather than it being a one-way lecture, the input and valuable experiences of the attendees end up enriching everyone’s understanding of the great variety of cybersecurity threats out there and enable companies and persons attending, to assess their own security issues, armed with a wealth of real-life examples and tips.


In 2017, ESET Ireland has also cooperated with several other partners that organised talks, presentations and events, like Invistech, Innovate and Unitec.

ESET @ Unitec event at Hotel Minella, Clonmel

The GDPR legislation coming into effect in May 2018 is a big concern, as is the general situation around data protection, so we discussed whether GDPR is good or bad for business in Limerick:

ESET Ireland event @ Absolute Hotel, Limerick

in Galway:

ESET Ireland event @ Radisson Blu, Galway

and in Dublin:

ESET Ireland event @ Castleknock Hotel Dublin

In addition to general data protection, ESET Ireland also shed some light on general cybercrime issues to interested crowds at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology, University College Dublin, the Dublin Dental Hospital, internationally at the Bled eConference and to radio listeners in many appearances on Irish radio stations.



As with most other things, when it comes to cybersecurity issues, knowledge is power. Knowing about the dangers out there and how to avoid them is the first step in keeping a company’s or organisation’s IT infrastructure safe. Events where company representatives and management can gain an insight and ask questions, enable them to better understand the key issues and make better informed decisions on implementing adequate security measures and procedures.

ESET Ireland’s participation at events aimed at increasing awareness and better understanding IT security is free of charge. If you’d like to organise an event in cooperation with ESET Ireland’s experts, please contact our office at or 053 9146600


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