Blair is a DoneDeal scammer

done deal

ESET Ireland encounters an interesting phishing scammer on DoneDeal.

A couple of years ago, ESET Ireland has already covered some of this scamming in Scammers looking for victims on This time around one of our own employees had a similar experience when selling his car online.

Contacted through the website by someone calling himself Tim, our colleague received an inquiry about the car he was selling. But as he replied the car has already been successfully sold, he received a more intriguing and longer email, purporting to come from a US Captain called Tim Blair, serving in Afghanistan, who asked for his assistance in transferring nearly 20 million US dollars. Here is the full transcript:


The scam email is a typical example of an automated advance fee fraud, in which the victim is promised a share of a large amount of money, but has to pay a bunch of “expenses”, “fees”, “bribes” and other made up costs in advance, before they can receive their share. In the end they never do, but after possibly sending the scammers thousands already, many naïve victims refuse to believing they were scammed.

When we were last dealing with scams and fraud on DoneDeal, their administrators quickly contacted us with a list of good precautionary measures for keeping any transactions safe. Check out DoneDeal’s security advice for online buyers and sellers.

by Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

Oh, and the title is a typical example of misleading “clickbait”, as employed by an increasing number of online media to catch the reader’s attention, just there to prove a point. Surely you didn’t think we’d be writing about politics at ESET Ireland, did you?

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