CyberThreats Daily: Serious cyber attack on EU bodies before summit

The EU has reported a “serious” cyber attack on the Commission and External Action Service on the eve of a summit in Brussels, a spokesman told the BBC.

The European Commission has been assessing the scale of the current threat and, in order to prevent the “disclosure of unauthorised information”, has shut down external access to e-mail and the institutions’ intranet. More information available also at and France24.

Cyber crime and you

Cyber crime is big business and with the growth of social networking, smartphones, spam and scams, most people are easy pickings for ruthless cyber criminals. With smartphones, social networks and digital media changing lives, are people actually prepared to protect themselves or, because most of us are probably in a state of ‘future shock’, are we really just lambs to the slaughter? Siliconrepublic published an extensive article on the topic.

SSL meltdown forces browser developers to update

The Comodo SSL Certification Authority may have been compromised. As a consequence, criminals apparently obtained nine certificates for web sites that already existed, including H Security has the full story.

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