Growth of cybercrime is ‘ruthless’

Cybercrime has established itself as a permanent fixture in 21st century life, with the number of incidents and victims continuing to rise with dogged determination. This is according to a new report from Europol, which stated that this “relentless growth” is being fuelled by an increase in the number of cybercriminals and the highly profitable … More Growth of cybercrime is ‘ruthless’

Europol shuts down cybercrime ring with 49 arrests

Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre has arrested 49 suspects in a joint international operation targeting the takedown of a major cybercrime ring, reports Tripwire. The Cybercrime group is said to have had members across Europe, including in Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Georgia and the UK. The suspects are believed to have breached corporate email accounts to commit financial … More Europol shuts down cybercrime ring with 49 arrests

Ryanair “hacked”, millions stolen, phishing suspected

The Independent has reported, that Ryanair “has been targeted in an international scam that siphoned millions of euro from its bank accounts”, more specifically, around €4.5 million. The Independent further states “it is believed that thieves managed to initiate a single fraudulent transaction using a Chinese bank when stealing the money from the airline”, that … More Ryanair “hacked”, millions stolen, phishing suspected