ESET Ireland @ Security BSides Dublin 2023

BSides events are already happening in major cities all over the world and on 27 May 2023 an independent BSides-Approved event is coming to The Convention Centre Dublin, sponsored by ESET Ireland

As of April 2023, there have been 816 BSides events around the world, hosted in 212 cities spanning 60 countries. BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. As part of our over three decades long dedication to cybersecurity, ESET Ireland is proud to be the Diamond Sponsor of the Security BSides Dublin event coming up at The Convention Centre Dublin, where it will be represented by ESET’s senior cybersecurity researcher Righard Zwienenberg.

Righard Zwienenberg

Righard Zwienenberg started dealing with computer viruses in 1988 after encountering the first virus problems at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands. His interest thus kindled and he studied virus behaviour and presented solutions and detection schemes ever since. Initially starting as an independent consultant, in 1991 he co-founded CSE Ltd. In November 1995 he joined the Research and Development department of ThunderBYTE. In 1998 he joined the Norman Development team to work on the scanner engine. In 2005 Righard took the role of Chief Research Officer. After AMTSO – Anti Malware Testing Standards Organization – was formed, he was elected as president. He is serving on the board of AVAR and on the Technical Overview Board of the WildList. In 2011 Righard was looking for new opportunities and started as a Senior Research Fellow at ESET. In April 2012 he stepped down as President of AMTSO to take the role as CTO and later as CEO. In 2016 he rejoined the AMTSO board for another two-year run. He also is the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of IEEE ICSG. In 2018, Righard joined the Europol European Cyber Crime Center (EC3) Advisory Group as an ESET representative. His interests are not limited to malicious code but have broadened to include general cybersecurity issues and encryption technologies over the past years.

Righard Zwienenberg’s presentation at BSides Dublin is titled “ID.IOT or… The ID(ea) of IoT” and it focuses on how our digital world interconnects through the internet and how as more and more low-powered, insecure devices join the internet, we are seeing more and more problems . Not only due to smart devices in our homes, but also devices capable of having a serious impact on our critical infrastructure such as our energy providers. In his presentation, Righard will take participants on a journey through history, showcasing “IoT” from the early days, going as far back as the 70s, through to current IoT devices like smart trackers and the problems that come with those. The role of governments and their (lack of) legislation that adds to these problems will also be discussed. To have a little bit of fun and laughter, the presentation is peppered with examples of IoT failures. Not to diminish the rest of the presentation, the goal is to highlight the problems that IoT can cause, or better, is causing… Righard illustrated this by concluding that “this abstract could be longer, but as my energy provider was hacked and I’m now without electricity, I cannot finish th…”

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