Activision confirms data breach exposing employee and game info

According to the bleepingcomputer, unknown hackers stole internal data from the games giant Activision, best known for its first-person shooter Call of Duty.

On Sunday, the cybersecurity and malware research group vx-underground published screenshots of data purportedly stolen from Activision, including the schedule of planned content to be released for the popular first-person shooter Call of Duty.

On Monday, games blog Insider Gaming said it confirmed a data breach after obtaining “the entirety” of the stolen data, which was not published by vx-underground.

According to the site, hackers stole employee information such as “full names, emails, phone numbers, salaries, places of work, addresses, and more.”

With increasing data breaches, we have learnt over time that openness is the safest approach to staff, customers and branding in the wake of a cyberattack. Furthermore, staff should never be accused of a successful intrusion and it remains vital that organisations are up front from the outset. Covering up the extent of a breach will only ever end in disastrous tones overshadowing a company in share price and in current times it is often inevitable that an attack will be attempted.

Those affected in this breach should have been contacted immediately due to the dangers in exposure of email addresses and other information which could lead to convincing phishing campaigns masquerading as genuine organisations. Whilst companies must also consider better staff cybersecurity training, anyone affected by this breach should be extremely cautious of any new communications that requests further information, personal, financial or otherwise.At the same time, no amount of security awareness training will be enough to completely stop such attack attempts as the attackers only need to dupe one person in the company – that’s why organizations of this size need to have security monitoring teams (EDR, SOC, or at least some MSP) that can identify incidents in a timely manner and react swiftly.

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