Cyber criminals exploiting naked TikTok ‘challenge’

According to ComputerWeekly, hackers are hijacking a popular Tiktok trend to distribute malware. The Invisible Challenge requires participants to film themselves naked using a TikTok effect called Invisible Body, which removes their body from the video and replaces it with a blurred contour image. The challenge is growing increasingly popular and its main hashtag now has over 25 million views.

However, according to Guy Nachshon and Tal Folkman of Checkmarx, a specialist in application security testing, the challenge has attracted the attention of malicious actors who are exploiting it to distribute a data-stealing malware under the guise of a software app called Unfilter, that supposedly enables users to view the original, uncensored videos. The operation is run by two TikTok users going by the handles “learncyber” and “kodibtc”, who so far have invited more than 30,000 people to join a Discord server to obtain the Unfilter application via their GitHub repository.

Of course, the software application does not actually remove the TikTok filter. Rather, it installs a malware called WASP Stealer (Discord Token Grabber), an infostealer that targets Discord accounts, other credentials and credit card data stored in victims’ web browsers, cryptocurrency wallets and other files.

ESET’s cybersecurity expert Jake Moore commented: “Cybercriminals are quick to adapt to current trends but coupled with creative ways in how they conduct their attempts, users are often unaware of the attacks on their devices. The temptation of downloading an app for this specific use regardless of its origin is how the criminals are gaining so much traction in targeting people. Even though people downloading this app may not believe what is said about the app, they are clearly too tempted to find out if it works but this can put user’s data and devices at risk. 

It is vital that people think before they download any software from unknown sources and try to stick to well known app stores and websites and to carry out further due diligence on applications advertised in chat forums. Also in case your mobile AV triggers an alert, you should pay attention and follow the recommendations.

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