Google Chrome and ESET collaborate in fight against online threats

ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, is continuing to partner with Google to protect Google Chrome users. ESET’s award-winning technology is used by Google to scan, identify and remove unwanted software encountered by users of Chrome for Windows. The extension of the cooperation on Chrome Cleanup, part of Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature, continues the close collaboration between the world’s most popular browser and the leading EU-based IT security vendor’s technology.

As applied in Chrome Cleanup, ESET’s technology is used by Google to alert users about unwanted or potentially harmful software attempting to get on users’ devices through stealth, for example, by being bundled into the download of legitimate software or content. Google Chrome, using ESET’s security technology, then provides users with the option to remove the unwanted software. Chrome Cleanup operates in the background, without visibility or interruptions to the user. It deletes the unwanted software and notifies the user once the cleanup has been successfully completed.

The two companies enjoy a broad relationship that also includes a collaborative role in which ESET works closely with Google to ensure the safety of the Google Play Store as a partner in the App Defense Alliance. ESET also provides data for users of Chronicle, Google Cloud’s security analytics platform, to surface verdicts on malicious files.

 “We are proud to partner with Google in helping Chrome users enjoy safer technology,” said Juraj Malcho, ESET Chief Technology Officer. “The ongoing collaboration with Google and Chrome Cleanup demonstrates the importance that both companies place on keeping users safe and secure. With Chrome being the browser of choice for most Windows users, ESET’s technology and engineers are providing frontline protection.”
For additional information about Google Chrome Cleanup, please click here

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