Expecting a Christmas gift package? Careful with the latest An Post scam

ESET Ireland warns of an email imitating An Post, claiming victims have an undelivered package waiting for pickup, taking advantage of increased Covid and Christmas season online shopping trends

An email, bearing the logotype and references to An Post is finding its way into Irish mailboxes, taking advantage of the fact that an increasing number of people is turning to online shopping both due to the Covid pandemic as well as the Christmas season and expecting various packages to arrive.

The email reads
Reminder: This email informs you that your shipment is still pending. Your package could not be delivered … because no customs duty was paid. To confirm the shipment of the package click here.

The email is also equipped with other info which makes it look like it’s referencing an actual package, and lists the amount owed as €1.00. Upon clicking where instructed, the victim is taken to a faked An Post website, hosted on a deceitful URL name ie-anpost.com (the actual An Post address is just anpost.com) and asked to enter all their card payment details, which are then transferred to the cybercriminals behind the scam for further abuse, while the victim is told to “Please wait while your request is being processed”.

ESET Ireland recommends vigilance when it comes to online shopping and ordering, by making sure you shop with reliable and verified vendors. Also avoid clicking unknown links is such unsolicited emails or entering your payment card info on insecure sites. If you’re unsure about any similar email you receive, just ring the company in question and ask if they’ve sent you an email. An Post themselves are aware of such scams and offer warning and advice about them on their website as well.

Think before you click and stay safe during this Holiday season.

by Ciaran McHale & Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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