ESET removes Social Media Scanner from product portfolio due to restrictions on third-party API applications

Image1ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, has removed the ESET Social Media Scanner from its product portfolio. The API-based application was initially designed to protect users from malicious content distributed through Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte and sat alongside ESET’s software solutions. Due to increased restrictions on third-party API applications, the removal of Facebook protection and the strengthening of Twitter’s built-in security, the application will be from August 4, 2020 no longer available.

User security and safety when accessing social media platforms is paramount. During its existence, ESET Social Media Scanner secured more than 135 billion links and identified over 12 million threats in social media content, including malicious links and downloads. ESET is dedicated to providing consumers with the highest level of protection and is constantly adapting its solutions to the current cybersecurity and threat landscape.

Now, ESET Internet Security offers cutting-edge internet protection that steps in to addresses threats vectoring from social media. The solution provides users with advanced protection against internet threats using ESET’s renowned multilayered antivirus technology and privacy protection. This multiplatform protection is delivered under one license to ensure comprehensive protection.

In addition to robust cybersecurity solutions, ESET provides a wealth of online resources in order to educate users on cybersecurity best practices and how to stay safe online. While ESET Internet Security continues to protect users from malicious content online, it is vital that people are vigilant with their social media safety. If you are concerned that your Twitter account has been compromised, head to We Live Security to follow our expert’s advice on Twitter safety.

Marek Demín, Product Manager at ESET, commented, “At ESET, we are consistently evaluating our product offering to ensure consumers are equipped with the highest levels of protection. Central to our core mission in helping users enjoy safer technology is staying one step ahead of the latest threats and offering modern, cutting-edge solutions. This is why we have renewed our focus on our Internet Security offering, which provides users with comprehensive internet protection through one secure solution. Whether you’re browsing the web, doing online banking or using social media, we are dedicated to providing a safe and secure online experience for all.”

Learn more about ESET Internet Security here.

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