Steady stream of scams, hoaxes and phishing emails in Irish mailboxes


While this time around we can’t report any particularly original or funny scams sticking out, the Irish mailboxes are nevertheless under constant attack. ESET Ireland takes a closer look at the two most common ones encountered in recent weeks.

The “Parcel Delivery” Scam


The Irish media already covered the “DPD phishing scam”, that was also the “An Post scam”, but their many clones are still making the rounds. Typically the user will receive an email that claims they are due a package that couldn’t be delivered as “delivery address provided for this parcel is incomplete, and we require further details to make a delivery”, followed by a link, where the victim is asked for their full address, but is also told they’ll have to pay for “scheduling a new delivery”, for which they have to submit their credit or debit card details, which are then charged and harvested by the cybercriminals.


The “Microsoft Quarantine” Scam

Another we’ve been seeing quite a lot of is an email that claims several emails addressed to the victim are being withheld by the “Microsoft Quarantine”, due to an “internal mail error”.

The victim is asked to “review” the emails, but to do that, they have to log into their Microsoft account, which is where the cybercriminals harvest their log-in details.
ESET Ireland recommends ignoring such emails’ contents and refraining from or clicking on the links or attachments they contain. Mark them as as spam and warn your friends about them.

by Ciaran McHale & Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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