Another Netflix-themed scam takes aim at Irish viewers

ESET Ireland warns Irish viewers to avoid the latest version of an old phishing scam, pretending to come from Netflix and claiming their account has been suspended.

Previously spotted and warned about in the US, the official-looking email, pretending to come from Netflix is now also targeting Irish users, claiming their account has been suspended until they “update their details”.


If the user clicks the link, they’re taken to a faked Netflix website login page,


and after handing over their username and password to the scammers, they’re asked to hand over all other personal info as well,


topped with asking for credit card payment details.


The cybercriminals then thank victims for providing them with all the info they need to carry out identity theft, financial fraud and card abuse crimes, then redirect them to the real Netflix website.

ESET Ireland recommends users ignore any such emails, no matter how convincing they look. Do not click on links in them, but log into Netflix accounts the usual way and check for any security alerts there.

written by Ciaran McHale and Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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