Fake “DHL package” email for Irish users

Irish email addresses are being targeted by a phishing scam, using a DHL package as bait.

Irish recipients can get an email claiming it’s from DHL and is informing them they’ve got a package to pick up:


Upon clicking on the links provided, the phishing victim is taken to a fake DHL log in page:


And after that, to a page that requests the users other info:


After handing over their personal details to the cybercriminals, the victim is redirected to the actual DHL website. The data collected in this way by the scammers, can be used to access the victims DHL account and abusing it, or later for customised follow-up scams.

If you receive such an email, delete it and mark it as spam.

by Ciaran McHale and Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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