Global Cyber Security Month 2017


This October marks the 5th year of European Cyber Security Month and the general message of Global Cyber Security Month is one of a shared responsibility — STOP.THINK.CONNECT.

The concept of a cybersecurity month has now become a GLOBAL event as companies around the world have joined forces to create the European Cyber Security Month and North American Cyber Security Month, along with other local awareness campaigns, as the industry aims to raise knowledge about privacy and security.

Raising awareness in this industry has never been more important. A quick look at the events of the past couple of months will reveal much about the current state of cybersecurity. Ransomware attacks such as WannaCryptor and Diskcoder.C  (a.k.a “WannaCry” and “Petya/NotPetya”, respectively), left thousands of users locked out of their devices. Hacks and breaches have become part of a daily struggle for some companies and institutions. Further, cybersecurity is changing its shape to adapt to the upcoming Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is coming into effect in 2018.

We are proud to take part in the awareness campaign again this year, helping to provide technology leadership and insights into cybersecurity to users through, available to readers in four languages – English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

ESET is also part of Securing our eCity in the US and Argentina Cibersegura — non-profit organizations that, through awareness programs, conferences and good practices, aim to create a safe digital neighborhood that protects every citizen through awareness programs, conferences and good practices.

European Cyber Security Month and similar events, give cybersecurity companies the opportunity to reach out to the masses and get them involved – even if it is just to spread the word about protection methods, or to educate and raise cybersecurity literacy.

European Cyber Security Month is an EU awareness campaign that promotes cybersecurity among citizens and organizations on the the importance of information security, and highlighting the simple steps that can be taken to protect their data, whether personal, financial or professional.

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