Irish Water themed card-stealing online phishing scam is back

ESET Ireland warns Irish computer users to be on the lookout for the latest revival of the Irish Water online scam, phishing for their credit and debit card details.

ESET Ireland warns that a classic among scams custom made for Irish computer users, is doing the rounds again. Coming in the form of an email titled “Update your account details” and equipped with Irish Water graphics, it says:


Clicking on the link leads to a forged log-in page, where the victim first hands over their Irish Water log-in details:


…and is then asked to enter all the details of their credit or debit card as well:


…and confirm it:


After providing the cybercriminals with all the required info, the user gets bounced back to the actual Irish Water website.

As always, ESET Ireland recommends users should avoid clicking on any links in such fraudulent emails, as they can lead to counterfeit or infected websites, that can spread malware or cause financial damage.

Irish Water also have a warning about the phishing email on their website, adding “Irish Water will never ask users to ‘perform annual maintenance'”

by Urban Schrott and Ciaran McHale, ESET Ireland

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