Backups: The best way to fight possible ransomware infections


Ransomware can be extremely scary – the encrypted files can essentially be considered damaged and beyond repair. But if you have properly prepared your system, it is really nothing more than a nuisance.

The single most important thing you can do to prepare for emergencies, including being affected by ransomware, is to have regularly updated backups. Many ransomware variants will encrypt files on drives that are mapped.

This includes any external drives such as a USB thumb drive, as well as any network or cloud file stores to which you have assigned a drive letter. So your backup needs to be on an external drive or backup service that is disconnected from your devices and network when not in use, and secured both physically and digitally.

ESET Technology Alliance member StorageCraft offers a suite of software and services that helps you backup and recover anytime, anywhere, from any situation. It works as an integral part of your overall business continuity plan by protecting your Windows® systems, applications and data from any disruption, large or small.

ESET’s Technology Alliance Partnership Program helps businesses optimize their IT infrastructure by finding, evaluating and validating best-of-breed security solutions to complement and extend ESET solutions.

Our Alliance members provide a variety of products and services, such as backup software and encryption, that support a layered security model customizable for a company’s specific needs.

“Our customers can trust that all of the products and solutions that are part of the ESET Technology Alliance will provide them the best quality and a very similar level of services and security that the ESET products provide.” said Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ESET

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