Irish mailboxes bombarded with App Store phishing spam


ESET Ireland is detecting an increased number of phishing emails, pretending to come from Apple’s App Store

ESET Ireland has analysed a number of spam emails, that look like they are from Apple’s App Store, but actually use a Norwegian domain email address, which claim the user has subscribed to “YouTube Music Key through the App Store” and their trial period has ended and they will henceforth be charged monthly for the service for various amounts, ranging from €9.55 to €29.55.

Because the recipient of such an email would likely be alarmed about not recalling they subscribed to anything such and would object to being charged monthly, the email conveniently offers an “App Store Payment Cancellation Form”. Clicking on this link redirects first to a Canadian website, then further redirects to a US site, which hosts the fake App Store page, that asks the user to enter all their credit card details in order to “cancel” the unwanted “subscription”.


There is, of course, no “subscription” and the whole scam is merely aimed at extracting credit card details from the victims. ESET Ireland recommends that anyone receiving such a message should not click on any links contained in it, but should instead mark it as spam and delete it.

by Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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