ESET Ireland wins New Business Champion Award 2016

…but the real winner is the security conscious Irish IT and business, with their maturity when it comes to understanding the modern threatscape.

All members of the global ESET family gather once per year for the World Partner Conference, where new products and releases are announced and discussed, experience in fighting cybercrime is shared and awards for particular achievements are presented. This year ESET Ireland was awarded 1st place in the New Business Champion category, for achieving the largest growth in the sector for ESET’s new products.

ESET Ireland team receiving the award at the ESET World Partner Conference 2016

What is New Business?

ESET’s core business is antivirus protection and antivirus products. In recent years, as threats expand and intensify, ESET’s main security product has also grown to include firewall protection, antispam filters, banking & payment protection, anti-theft and others. But in the current global threatscape even that is not enough to keep companies and their data safe.

So ESET Secure Authentication was introduced, a two-factor authentication system for extra data protection against compromised passwords, then ESET Sharepoint Security, protection from malware spread via Microsoft SharePoint that targets Windows, Mac or Linux, and finally ESET Technology Alliance was launched, a partnership with carefully selected companies specialising in specific areas of IT security, such as DESlock, a powerful encryption tool for hard drives, removable media, files and email, StorageCraft, a disaster recovery and backup tool for the entire Windows IT environment, plus Linux servers and desktops, and Safetica, a data loss prevention and monitoring tool.

Why is winning the award significant?

At ESET Ireland we see the award mainly as a very important indication that the awareness of the wide range of threats in the Irish IT and business community has grown sufficiently for key decision makers to want to invest in comprehensive protection of their IT environments. We see it less as a compliment to our work, though we’re proud of it, as we see it as a compliment to the maturity of Irish IT and business that, according to this award, is ahead of all the rest of the world, when it comes to adapting to the new reality of online threats. Encryption, data loss prevention, disaster recovery and backup seem to have become as important to Irish IT and business as defending from malware and virus infections, which is a great step forward in ensuring a safer and more stable cyber-environment.

by Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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