ESET releases and quickly fixes a faulty update

Today, ESET released a virus database update that was incorrectly blocking access to some websites or their components. As soon as we learned of the problem, the update was retracted and, within approximately two hours’ time a new update fixing the issue was deployed.

Following that deployment – and at this time- users should no longer experience any problems. This issue did not affect user data and users were fully protected during the brief period in question. However, we would like to apologise due to the fact that this problem did cause inconvenience to our users.

There were some false positive detections when accessing websites. This was caused by the virus signature database update version 13102.

The following threats were affected:

  • JS/ScrInject.B trojan
  • HTML/Refresh.BC trojan

Manual steps to resolve the issue (only if the automatic update didn’t work):

Update virus signature database to version 13103 or higher which addresses this issue.

If you are not able to update, follow these steps:

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