Asian cybercriminals trying to scam ESET Ireland too

An old “domain registration” scam is trying to catch Irish businesses off guard.

The email we received follows the same pattern as similar “domain registration” scams we’ve seen in the past, going as far back as 2004. But it seems a certain number of people are still falling for it, which is why the cybercriminals are still using it and emailing Irish businesses with it.

In our case the subject line of the spam email was “About the eset” and the content of the email claims it comes from “the department of Asian Domain Registration Service in China” where another company supposedly wanted to register an online domain called “eset”. Then they asked us to get back to them in seven days to confirm we’re using that domain.


If we were to get back to them, they would ask us to register our domain name with them for a fee or they will be given to the other party or even engage us in a “bidding” against the “other” company. Needless to say, the claim is completely bogus and our domains are not handled like that.

You can read about this sort of scam in greater detail at in an article by Aryeh Goretsky at ESET’s We Live Security Blog.

You should never reply to messages sent by scammers. By replying, you let them know that not only have they found a valid email address at your company but that they can also send you additional emails and share your email address with other scammers.

by Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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