Top EU Official for Research and Innovation Visits ESET Lab

Director-General Robert-Jan Smits discusses IT security research with ESET co-founder Miroslav Trnka and ESET CRO Juraj Malcho

The European Commission’s Director-General for Research and Innovation Robert-Jan Smits paid a visit this week to the ESET Research Center at the Slovak University of Technology (SUT) and Comenius University (CU) in Bratislava, the two largest universities in Slovakia. ESET, ranked the top IT security company* in the European Union by both IDC* and Gartner*, opened its laboratory and launched an academic module in IT Security at the two universities earlier this year. Presenting the facility were ESET co-founder Miroslav Trnka, ESET Chief Research Officer Juraj Malcho and ESET researcher Peter Kosinar. Attending the event were SUT Rector Robert Redhammer, CU Rector Karol Micieta and Slovak Academy of Sciences Chair Pavol Sajgalik as well.

ESET is committed to research and education at the academic level and, as part of this, opened its first ESET Research Center at these two main Slovak universities in February. The aim of this facility is to help students and researchers at the Faculty of Information Technology (SUT) and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (UC) by providing consultations on their research and academic dissertations, as well as in conducting practical experiments in IT security. ESET is also organizing a module in Reverse Engineering / IT Security as part of their academic program.

We were honored to meet with Robert Jan-Smits and to exchange views on the state of research and innovation and how ESET is contributing in this area. As the largest EU-based IT security company* we are ready to share our insights into the industry, with the aim of benefiting research and in the end every European citizen,” says ESET Chief Research Officer Juraj Malcho.

* ESET is ranked among the top 5 security software vendors in consumer security software and endpoint protection platform market by market share, registering a 7.2% growth in consumer security and 8.6% in endpoint protection platform software:
* ESET was ranked as 5th Largest Endpoint Security Vendor in 2013 and grows 23% – 6x the market growth rate, reports IDC in their report titled ‘Worldwide Endpoint Security 2014-2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares’ from August 2014.



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