Easter Social Media Safety: video guides

Easter is here, and with it plenty to chat about on social media. Despite the holiday season though, you can’t guarantee that hackers and cybercriminals won’t be on the hunt for weak and vulnerable social media slip ups, so what better time to give a refresher on social media safety than now?

Social Media Safety: General Advice

Let’s start with the basics. Five tips to remember when using any social media sites. These are generic pointers, but the advice they offer is definitely worth considering whether you’re tweeting or scouting for jobs on LinkedIn.

Security and safety are two different things, of course. This next video gives you some useful guidelines about how to behave on social media to ensure you stay safe:

Unfortunately social media accounts are a real target for hackers, especially if you have a large social following. Here’s some tips on how to make your social account (almost) unhackable:

Social Media Safety: Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network, but how many people have delved deep into the security settings? Here’s what you can tweak behind the scenes:

Sticking with Facebook, it’s a hotbed of scams and ‘too good to be true’ deals. Here’s the Top 5 scams to keep an eye out for:

One final one for Facebook. Hoaxes are pretty common throughout the site, and although most may be benign, some can have unintended consequences. Here’s several signs that all might not be what it seems:

Social Media Safety: YouTube

YouTube is the go-to place to watch video online, but with 300 hours of content uploaded every minute, plenty of it isn’t suitable for young eyes. Here’s a guide to keeping your children safe on the video sharing site:

Social Media Safety: Instagram

Instagram may be tame by comparison, but there are always ways to stay safe and secure, and the photo sharing site is no exception. Here’s five useful tips:

Social Media Safety: Snapchat

Finally, Snapchat. Last year’s leak of 13gb of data from a third party app demonstrated the need to stay safe, even on apps that claim to offer true privacy. Here’s some pointers for the vanishing chat app:

Got any more social media safety tips? Let us know in the comments.

by Alan Martin, ESET

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