The phishing assault on Ireland shows no signs of letting up

ESET Ireland is warning about another pair of phishing emails doing the rounds, one trying to grab Eircom passwords, the other pushing a trojan infection

I really wish we could once send out an email saying “nothing to worry about” and one day (perhaps when temperatures in Hell drop substantially) we might be able to, but that day is not today. Today we have to report two new phishing attacks on Irish email addresses.

The first is titled “Dear eircom Subscriber” and pretends to come from Eircom Web Team warning users of being infected with a virus, prompting them to give up their login details to their account to “stop the spread of the virus”:


It is, of course, all rubbish, and the scammers just want to get hold of users’ usernames and passwords to abuse their Eircom accounts, steal identity and commit various forms of fraud.

The second one is even a bit more malicious. This one claims to be from the Royal Bank of Canada, and tries to lure potential victims to click on links, with the promise of updates to their user accounts. But the links are actually infected with a drive-by download of Win32/TrojanDownloader.Waski.A trojan, a nasty piece of malware that makes computers vulnerable to cybercriminals, who can infect them with password-grabbing or bank-account-stealing spyware or use them to dispatch more malware or various illegal content:


ESET Ireland recommends Irish computer users to be vigilant when receiving emails, tagging them as spam and deleting them immediately, without replying or clicking any links they contain. Also make sure your operating system and antivirus software are updated to the latest, to prevent possible infections.

by Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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