Scam alert: Tesco will not pay you €120 for filling out a survey!

ESET Ireland warns of a scam abusing Tesco’s name, which promises €120 for filling out a survey, but steals credit card details instead.

Irish mailboxes are bombarded by various phishing scams every week. We usually point out the most alluring of them, so that Irish computer users would know how to recognise and avoid them. This week’s winner would have to be a fake email purporting to come from Tesco, titled “YOU GET PAYD FOR YOUR FEEDBACK” (trademark phishing spelling error included) and with the following content:


Who would say no to some free cash, right? Upon clicking the link, you’re taken to a very Tesco-looking fake website that actually does include a survey asking standard consumer questions about customer satisfaction, shopping habits, etc, to be filled out. But the scam part comes at the end.


The fake “survey” page ends with “Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. In return, we will add 120 € credit to your account just for your time. Please enter your account details to credit your 120 € reward” but you have to enter all your personal and credit card details there. Full name, address, date of birth, card number, expiration date, verification code and all other relevant details for making purchases in your name are handed over to the cybercriminals.


Don’t fall for it! Ignore this and similar emails and stay safe online.

by Urban Schrott, ESET Ireland

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