ESET wins another VB100 award, this time on Windows 7

ESET continues to be consistent in malware detection, this time in Virus Bulletin’s test on Windows 7. For over a decade now, ESET has regularly come out on top of Virus Bulletin’s tests. See ESET has received its 75th “VB100” award and ESET Has Received Its 80th VB100 Award and Celebrates a Record of 10 Years Consecutive VB100 Awards for the history of our VB100 awards.

For this last award Virus Bulletin wrote:


Last 6 tests: 6 passed, 0 failed, 0 no entry

Last 12 tests: 12 passed, 0 failed, 0 no entry

ESET’s VB100 record speaks for itself, with nothing but green ticks in our results table going back more than a decade – a remarkable run of excellence. This month the product set up in good time, presenting the usual slick and professional interface with clear, simple usability on the surface and a comprehensive set of options underneath for those who want to fine-tune things. Stability was once again impeccable.

Scanning was fairly slow initially, but very quick indeed in later runs. Overheads on file access were pretty light and our set of activities completed in decent time, with low RAM use and fairly reasonable CPU use too.

Detection was very good across the board, and with no problems in the core sets yet another VB100 award goes ESET’s way, adding to its splendid tally.

“A remarkable run of excellence.” We like the sound of that. 🙂

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