ESET Launches All New Version of ESET Mobile Security for Android All-In-One App Offers Improved Detection, Includes Free and Premium Paid Features

ESET launched the completely rebuilt and redesigned ESET® Mobile Security for Android. The next generation mobile product offers improved scanning, Anti-Phishing module and a completely redesigned user interface. ESET Mobile Security for Android enables Android smartphone and tablet users to enjoy safer mobile technology adventures with protection from both real-world and digital threats.


The rise of mobile malware combined with the popularity of Android devices creates a perfect storm of cyber security risk,” said Palo Luka, ESET Chief Technology Officer. “ESET is excited to offer a completely rebuilt version of our mobile security app with advanced features that protect your sensitive data from threats giving you peace of mind when browsing the Internet or downloading applications”, adds Luka.

Key Features and Benefits of ESET Mobile Security for Android:

  • Enhanced Antivirus Protection & Scanning — ESET Mobile Security is one of the few mobile security products for Android that offers an advanced antivirus engine capable of detecting both known and unknown threats, including the recently discovered Android Master Key related vulnerabilities. This new version improves the detection and performance by using variable depth scanning (quick/smart/deep) as well as scheduled and background scanning features.
  • Brand new user interface — Now tuned for tablets in portrait and landscape orientation as well as tap and eye-friendly.
  • Startup and Anti-Theft Wizard — Enjoy the new more user-friendly setup.
  • SMS & Call Filtering — Block SMS or incoming calls at specified times.
  • Security Audit — Monitor installed app permissions such as location tracking, access to contacts, or in-app purchases to close any security loopholes.
  • Enhanced Anti-Phishing module and built-in USSD Control Features — Protect against phishing attacks and web-based attacks via malicious SMS messages, QR codes, or URL links.
  • Free and premium features available at Google Play – When installed from the official Android app store users will benefit for an unlimited period from some features of ESET Mobile Security for Android for free. Upgrade to a full version of ESET Mobile Security for Android from within the app for comprehensive and total protection against both digital and real-world threats.

One of our goals with the new version of ESET Mobile Security for Android was to make protection easier to use for our customers”, said Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “Our new user interface and the new setup wizards have been created because we know that mobile users are looking for simple and powerful security products that are easy to configure and don’t require a lot of interactions neither consume a lot of resources. The new version has been built with the mobile users in mind so our product can protect them while they enjoy their mobile adventures.”

ESET Mobile Security for Android is offered via web and Google Play. With 850,000 applications and games, millions of songs and books, and thousands of movies Google Play® is the world’s most popular mobile app store. According to the Gartner analyst firm, the Android operating system had an estimated market share of over 60 percent in 2012*. That popularity makes it an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals. In addition, from 2011 to 2012, Android malware grew by a factor of 17 according to recent ESET research into mobile cyber threats. ESET Mobile Security for Android has protected users from some of the most far reaching Android mobile malware yet detected including 2012’s Android/TrojanSMS.Boxer.AA.

ESET Mobile Security for Android is designed to maximize users’ mobile security and use their mobile devices in less secure environments. Mobile users can feel safe with ESET’s advanced protection as they navigate the Internet – from connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and visiting sketchy websites, clicking on suspicious email or instant messages to downloading apps from third party stores and monitoring their permissions.

In the latest evaluation of Android antivirus products by AV-TEST Institute, a leading independent international IT security and antivirus research firm, ESET Mobile Security for Android detected 99.7 percent of malicious apps, and earning top marks in usability.


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