The Irish becoming serious about protecting laptops, less about other devices, but have no idea what data leakage is

The latest research ESET Ireland did was about how covered Irish computers and devices are with antivirus and data leakage protection.

The research by ESET Ireland, was carried out on a thousand people. First we determined what sort of devices the Irish use to connect to the internet:


Then we found out 90% of Windows-based PC/Laptop users have antivirus installed, as do 63% of Mac users. Linux users, however, still feel confident they’re entirely invulnerable, as only 10% use antivirus protection. The picture is a bit grimmer among mobile users, as only 41% of Android users have their mobiles protected by antivirus, followed by 27% of iPhone users and 26% of Windows phone users.


But the picture completely changes when it comes to Data Leakage Protection. The Irish, so it seems, are barely aware of data leaks being a problem at all, as 74% answered they don’t know, while about a third of Linux users use some protective measures, as does one in four Windows/Mac users.


So, while malware awareness seems to have reached a certain satisfactory level among computer users, it is still lacking for mobile devices, even though mobile devices are as much targets of malware as are computers, since they’re increasingly used for accessing social media, various apps and offer various purchasing functionality, which could be compromised by malware, causing the victim direct financial damage.

More surprising is the complete lack of awareness about data leakage, particularly with the amount of coverage the media have already given various data leaks in the past. With BYOD (bring your own device) becoming increasingly popular, this could cause many companies’ sensitive data being at risk of getting lost or stolen.

So, mobile users should give installing an antivirus on their device some thought and all computer and mobile device users would be wise to start paying attention to information on data leakage a bit, if they wish to avoid related trouble.

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