Fake EURO 2012 websites trick football fans into paid services

ESET reports fake football sites such as http://www.fussball-euro-2012.eu/ and http://me-2012.cz/

With the EURO 2012 championship nearing its final matches, ESET Ireland is warning all football fans to avoid fraudulent football-related websites. While ESET is blacklisting these and some other sites, tricks like these tend to constantly pop up, trying to trick people browsing them to sign up for various paid services, install browser addons or infect with drive-by malware.

The example page here, shows the language set to English, while it still displays content in a combination of German and Slovak language, which is a good hint something’s wrong with the site. But not all fake ones are this sloppy. Many are made to look very official and can easily fool a careless visitor into disclosing their personal data in order to join some fake competition or installing some unwanted software in order to view some “exclusive footage”.

For tables, results and other football news, it’s always better to refer to official sites like http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro

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