ESET Leads in Security Software Satisfaction (even) in Japan

Now, because we already know you absolutely love us in Ireland, we wanted to find out what they think of us in Japan.

And it comes as no surprise, really, that in Japan ESET has been announced the leader in consumer satisfaction by the ASCII General Research Institute (part of ASCII Media Works). ESET product lines were the top choice for Japanese consumer segment customers among paid products: leading in eleven out of twelve categories. ESET is the brand of choice especially for power users, who are often utilising the advanced settings of computers.

ESET has achieved the top 91.00 point score which is more than 16 higher than the closest competitor Symantec and more than nine points higher than AVG, the winner of the paid AV category. ESET security solutions were ranking as best among paid AV products in the category of Response Speed of Resident Software (90.4), Security Performance (87.5), Support (78.9) and came out as the second most popular paid software in cost-effectiveness (73.2).

Japanese customers are well-known for their high demands on technological quality, service and technical support and we are proud to have received this honor for a second time. Thanks goes to our partner in Japan – Canon IT Solutions, our valued customers and of course the talented ESET team worldwide,” says ESET.

ESET Products Leading in Overall Satisfaction in Japan (ASCII General Research Institute)

Rank Producer Product Satisfaction Rating (after purchase)
1 ESET (Canon IT Solutions partner company in Japan) ESET series 91.0 points
2 Symantec Norton series 74.2 points
3 Kaspersky Kaspersky series 72.6 points
4 SourceNext Virus/Super Security ZERO series 68.8 points
5 Trend Micro Virus Buster series 68.6 points
6 McAfee McAfee series 67.3 points

The ASCII General Research Institute survey took place end of February and respondents were part of ASCII General Research monitor group (including readers of magazines Shukan (Weekly) ASCII, ASCII Dot PC, Mac People and The respondents evaluated the individual features and overall impression of each product by ratings “very good” (100 points), “good”, “moderate”, “bad” and “very bad” (0 points).

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