ESET is opening R&D Center in Canada

ESET is expanding its global network of R&D centers. The company officially opened its technological hub in Montreal, Canada with offices directly on the campus of the highly-recognized École Polytechnique Montreal.

ESET Canada is an integral part of our network of technology centers around the world and allows us to respond effectively to the rise of cyber threats and technological challenges. Moreover, ESET continually invests into research and education and promotes awareness about all forms of cyber threats,” says ESET Chief Technology Officer Palo Luka about the company’s collaboration with Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique. The collaboration will be institutionalized with cutting-edge research projects, and specifically focus on situational awareness of web-based threats and public understanding of malware research.

Altogether, there will be seven people working in the team of ESET Canada, led by Pierre-Marc Bureau, himself a graduate of Montreal’s École Polytechnique. Also, there will be more high-tech IT positions opened soon, increasing the number of researchers within three years. In addition, ESET plans to provide research opportunities for interns from the École Polytechnique.

The sun never sets over ESET whose offices and malware research centers spread over many time zones. ESET Canada will be an important addition to the company’s 24/7 research capabilities,” adds Pierre-Marc Bureau, ESET Security Intelligence Program Manager. With the new center, ESET technology and malware research will take place in nine hubs spanning Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific – namely Bratislava (Slovakia), San Diego (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Singapore, Prague (Czech Republic), Košice (Slovakia), Cracow (Poland), Montreal (Canada), and Moscow (Russia).

Facts about ESET Canada

ESET has been present in Montreal, Canada since 2009 and this year, the company is opening a fully-functional R&D center.

Currently there are seven highly-specialized technical employees working in the office; this number should increase within three years. ESET employs almost 800 people around the globe.

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