Two thirds of the Irish say their software is legit

New survey reveals 67% of Irish use legitimate software, males are more likely to pirate than females, arrrr, and nearly one in five in Munster just doesn’t know what they use

Why is a security company like ESET interested in the use of pirated software? Because in our experience the vast majority of pirated software comes with a little something extra attached. A cracked version of a known graphical editing program or a popular computer game isn’t made freely available online out of the goodness of someone’s heart, but because they have an interest it gets installed along with some additional malicious payload.

ESET Ireland, through Amárach research, asked over 1000 people across Ireland about the legitimacy of their software and these are the results:


Since the survey was anonymous, we presume people answered truthfully and the vast majority being users of legal software is good news. The availability of free open source software also makes things easier for many users. But the combined percentage of people using pirated software is still a concern, as is the high number of people that just don’t know if their software is legit.

The statistical breakdown of the results also offers an interesting picture. The worst offenders with only 51% of legal are in the age group 25-34, while 83% of those over 55 don’t use anything pirated. And while most Dubliners know what they use, with only 10% claiming they don’t, people of Munster seem most clueless and 19% answered they don’t know if their software is pirated. And nearly twice as many males (12%) than females (7%) use pirated software.

Statistically eastern Europe is known for a very high percentage of pirated software in use, and it is no coincidence that they also have by far the highest rates of malware infections (when Conficker worm raged worst, less than one in ten was infected globally, but in Russia and Ukraine it was nearly one in three). Usually the worst hit seem to be the users of pirated operating systems, where malware comes placed in the heart of their system and because they do not get regularly updated and patched, they are vulnerable to most targeted zero day threats. These are then closely followed by those using pirated security software. The wolf guarding the sheep or a thief guarding your valuables and all that, you know…

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