Fake Western Union email tricking Irish computer users

Email pretending to be a scam warning from Western Union is itself a scam to trick Irish computer users into giving up their usernames and passwords

Many instances of a new email scam with a title “- Your account can be accessed from an unauthorized computer –“ have been spotted in the last few days. What is particularly perfidious about this particular work of cybercriminals is that it appears to be a warning against a scam while being a scam itself. The body of the email reads:

You have 1 New Message Alert

Click here to visit Western Union now >>
Our website will open in a new window.

Western Union Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Western Union International Limited, Richview Office Park, Unit 9, Clonskeagh,
Dublin 14, Ireland, Registered in Ireland, Company no 372428

Western Union’s Dublin address is added to reassure the Irish computer users the warning is legitimate and to make them click on the link that is supposed to reveal their Western Union message alert. Upon clicking the link the site requires the user to log in with their credentials, and by doing that the bad guys get hold of the username and password, enabling them to log into the real Western Union in the victim’s name and abuse the service for their purposes.

Anyone receiving such or a similar email should disregard it and flag it as spam. Do not click on the link, as sometimes even clicking such links can infect a computer with drive-by malware, or reply to the email, as this confirms the identity of your email address as a valid one, exposing you to possible further scams by the same cybercriminals.

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