CyberThreats Daily: Facebook scams still in all shapes and sizes

Recently a bunch of “Get free item” scams or just fake pages have been spotted on Facebook. Particularly the ones that include links you have to follow and complete certain steps, can turn out very malicious.

Here are a few examples:

Images are courtesy of Facecrooks, who also commented: “Avoid these and similar Facebook Pages. Some are scams, some are just silliness, but none deliver what they promise and could put you at risk! We have seen smiley hats, facebook shoes (why anyone would want fb shoes is beyond me!) and a Facebook t-shirt. You aren’t very likely to receive any of the items as promised on the pages, so don’t compromise your account by giving them your information.”

Otherwise, we’re still getting reports of many fake videos and fake news malicious posts on our friends and fans walls.

As you can see the same image is also recycled in another scam:

With these as with all similar scams, don’t click on them! Then notify the friend that “posted” it (though the malicious link did that without his knowledge) and warn him about clicking such links. Also, when in doubt, check for scams on Facecrooks main page.

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