CyberThreats Daily: Osama Bin Laden dead, malware is alive

As expected, malicious code began to spread with different social engineering techniques based on the news that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.

Sebastian Bortnik of ESET Latin America explains how the attackers clearly take advantage of the curiosity of users to spread Trojans and other malware.

As Randy Abrams wrote earlier, fake videos and Black Hat SEO techniques are being used by attackers to propagate malware, regarding the latest news on Bin Laden’s death. These techniques have been used commonly any time the terrorist was on the news, as we had been detected before on some forums, with alleged pictures of the terrorist’s body hanged.

Cyberthieves just love a good wedding, or a funeral…

ESET North America CEO Andrew Lee also commented on the current affairs. The reported death of Osama Bin Laden proved that we are well and truly in the Twitter era (Twitter reported that over 4000 tweets per second were made immediately preceding the President’s speech). However, a related danger lurks for users of social media sites, and is increasingly rearing its ugly head. Rapidly following on the heels of any major event will be a slew of malware-related tricks and scams. Royal weddings, elections, reality TV wins and losses, even presidential birth certificates are now ‘global’ news if they start trending on Twitter – and in the wake of the trend (and sometimes, ahead of it) come the cyberthieves sending out links to malicious websites.

Our advice is, as always “Stop, Think, Connect” and be vigilant online.

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