CyberThreats Daily: Texas breach affects millions of state employees and retirees

The names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birth dates and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers of approximately 3.5 million individuals were posted to a public FTP server used to transfer files, the Texas comptroller’s office said Monday.

The  comptroller’s office will begin notifying millions of state employees and retirees that their unencrypted personal data was inadvertently posted to a publicly accessible server, where it remained for more than a year. Read full story on SC Mmagazine.

They Do Everything Bigger in Texas

“I’ll see your Epsilon mail addresses and raise you 3 1/2 million Texans’ personal records.”
See ESET Blog for David Harley’s expanded view on the topic above, with a comparison to the Epsilon breach.

Exploit-wielding boffins go on free online shopping binge

Computer scientists have documented serious flaws in software running some of the world’s biggest e-commerce sites and shown how they can be exploited to receive DVDs, digital journals, and other products for free or at sharply reduced prices not authorized by the sellers. More on The Reg.

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