CyberThreats Daily: Who is watching your Facebook profile?

People’s curiosity usually get’s the better of them, but Facebook doesn’t enable you to know who is actually watching your profile. So whenever these messages appear, you should know that the only ones watching your profile with such apps are the cybercriminals.

To activate this, you must usually make your profile entirely visible to the app, therefore compromising your privacy. Read about this and similar Facebook rogue apps on Facecrooks.

Libyan phishing spam mails incoming

As it was expected, cybercriminals are exploiting the Libyan crysis, as well as everything else they can, for financial gain. Irish mailboxes are being hit with phishing spam. An example received by us just yesterday, titled “Note from a Libyan Citizen”, claims to be from a person seeking asylum in London, but with access to huge amounts of money he wishes to invest with the help of the recepient of the spam mail.

This is another of the so called “419 scams” we have written about extensively at the ESET Blog. All the claims are, of course, false and untrue, but recepients are warned to absolutely not reply to any such mail, even with some abuse the scammers would undoubtedly deserve. Any reply to spam mail confirms the validity of the recepient’s identity to the cybercriminals and they can use this information in some consequent scam.

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