Ransomware runs rampant in 2017, Verizon report finds

Social engineering attacks that involve pretexting nearly tripled on an annual basis while phishing simulations show that curiosity gets the better of 4% of people. Ransomware takes the cake as the most prevalent type of malicious software in Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The US-based telecommunications company analyzed input from 67 organizations and examined more … More Ransomware runs rampant in 2017, Verizon report finds

Trends 2018: The ransomware revolution

This is actually where I came in, nearly 30 years ago. The first malware outbreak for which I provided consultancy was Dr. Popp’s extraordinary AIDS Trojan, which rendered a victim’s data inaccessible until a ‘software lease renewal’ payment was made. And for a long time afterwards, there was not much else that could be called ransomware, unless … More Trends 2018: The ransomware revolution