Monthly Threat Report: May 2011

Facebook privacy: security concerns If Facebook was a country, it would be the third largest one in the world ( All those Facebook users are exposed to the many social networking risks and nuisances that are regularly reported nowadays. Paul Laudanski’s wrote a comprehensive blog article which is a timely and essential guide to a … More Monthly Threat Report: May 2011

Monthly Threat Report: March 2011

BlackHat Japanning David Harley, ESET Senior Research Fellow UrbanSchrott, IT Security & Cybercrime Analyst, ESET Ireland As Urban Schrott wrote: “…with every major natural disaster in the recent past, be it Indian ocean tsunamis, hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the recent Christchurch earthquake, several waves of online fraud have appeared. The succession of earthquakes and … More Monthly Threat Report: March 2011