Defending your company from cyberattack

ESET CTO Juraj Malcho outlines some of the ways in which organizations can reduce their cybersecurity risk. Given our growing digital dependency, cybersecurity incidents and the exploitation of security soft spots can have serious and cascading ramifications for businesses and their customers. Recent history has seen no shortage of high-profile cyberattacks and data breaches, giving … More Defending your company from cyberattack

Critical Infrastructure Interview with cyber-expert David Harley

WeLiveSecurity sat down with David Harley to get a better understanding of Critical Infrastructure and the role he has played in the area throughout his career. [Editor] How did you come to be involved with Critical Infrastructure? [David Harley] I first took an interest in Critical Infrastructure (CI) when I started working on the security side … More Critical Infrastructure Interview with cyber-expert David Harley

Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific

The costs associated with cybersecurity often deter small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region from making serious considerations about security solutions, owing to limited budgets and lack of expertise, a survey by ESET has found. As the Asia Pacific region continues to grow, and adoption of digital technologies – by consumers and businesses – continues, … More Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific

How to handle multiple devices and passwords at once

These days it seems that for every work device you use, you have a personal alternative. But this means having twice as many gadgets – two smartphones, two tablets or even two notebooks – and even more security concerns. To make things even more difficult, for many of these gadgets you ideally need to have … More How to handle multiple devices and passwords at once