Ransomware protection crucial to enterprise

Ransomware is malicious code that blocks or encrypts the contents of a device and demands a ransom to restore access to the data. Devices refer not only to mobile phones and computers but also to servers and the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, in case of a successful ransomware infection (and nonexistent or nonfunctional backup), the … More Ransomware protection crucial to enterprise

Keeping your business safe

No business, whether large or small, can afford to ignore cybersecurity, and the pressure to protect businesses is mounting as cybercriminals hone their skills to target a company’s weakest points. While bigger corporations generally have large IT departments to respond to evolving threats such as crypto-jacking and ransomware attacks, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t … More Keeping your business safe

Privacy legislation may soon affect smaller businesses

Why smaller businesses cannot afford to ignore how they gather, store and protect data. Between breaches and privacy gaffes at global mega-corporations, more people are on edge about protecting digital data. Consumers want to be able to control what companies collect and store, and many businesses want to be able to recoup costs for online … More Privacy legislation may soon affect smaller businesses

Cybersecurity resources for smaller businesses

How can smaller businesses address their cybersecurity risks without the resources of large organizations? There are a lot of challenges to being a small-business owner, including safely managing technology. Every risk can have an outsized effect on your ability to stay in business. And resources for protecting your business are often geared towards much larger … More Cybersecurity resources for smaller businesses

SMBs – secure your passwords to secure your business

Employ 2FA, an easy to implement tool that fast tracks to improved security. Twelve months ago, you launched a business. Considering the odds that 30% of new businesses fail in that period, you can be proud that you are still afloat and “only” facing improvements to your company’s cybersecurity. Now, the cybersecurity marketplace features a … More SMBs – secure your passwords to secure your business