Cybersecurity Trends 2018: The costs of connection

After a highly eventful 2017, when an increasing number of cybersecurity incidents grabbed headlinesin the mainstream media, we’re now looking ahead to the coming year, which will no doubt generate further vibrant discussions about the threat landscape. One refrain is likely to be heard time and time again. Cyberthreats and attacks are here to stay. Indeed, they will … More Cybersecurity Trends 2018: The costs of connection

DDoS attacks explained

A new DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on a prominent website is making headlines today (Aug. 24). Just days after the Department of Justice demanded visitor data for an anti-Trump website from the web host company DreamHost (which rejected the request), the company has reported a DDoS attack. DreamHost, which is home to more than … More DDoS attacks explained