Hacking my airplane – BlackHat edition

After welcoming hacking research, automobile technology started to get better at defending against hacks. So why has the airline industry not been as welcoming? I’m building a homebuilt experimental airplane. Yes, I plan to fly in it. Don’t be afraid, lots of others are too, and this segment of inventors could easily prove a valuable … More Hacking my airplane – BlackHat edition

WannaCryptor said to reappear, hitting Boeing’s computers

The notorious ransomware prompted fears that aircraft production could be impacted WannaCryptor, also known as WannaCry, is said to have reared its ugly head again, striking a Boeing production facility in North Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday, the Seattle Times reports. Unlike in May 2017, however, the new attack doesn’t appear to have inflicted any significant … More WannaCryptor said to reappear, hitting Boeing’s computers