CyberThreats Daily: PlayStation – Rehacked reloaded?

This is an unfortunate time for Sony PlayStation and customers due to the recent breach. Anecdotal reports are now coming in that Sony PlayStation who opened up their gaming ecosystem recently has now potentially fallen to a password reset hack.

This may not be a hack at all; however, to be cautious, we wanted to send up an alert.  We visited Sony’s PlayStation web site to “Login” and issue a Password Reset Request.  Both times under IE9, FF, and Chrome the above notice was served. Read more in a blog by Paul Laudanski, Director of CTAC, North America

Bugs and Fixes: Adobe gives Users Privacy Controls; Skype Patches Extremely Dangerous Vulnerability

This month Skype released a long awaited patch for a vulnerability that is extremely dangerous and could allow an attacker to remotely gain control of a system. Adobe released privacy controlls earlier this month, allowing you to control how much privacy you want. Microsoft also released a tiny Patch Tuesday. Full report by PC World.

Android’s Anomaly?

Paul Laudanski blogs there are reports coming out today about Google Android and how approximately 99.7% of its users are potentially open to compromise.

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