CyberThreats Daily: Is your ‘stalker ex’ still creeping your Facebook page?

Another day, another Facejack attack. We see a lot of these sorts of scams, alluringly titled posts – typically with a promise to show you who has been visiting your profile.

The latest one looks like this:

Actually, if you hover your mouse over the “CLICK 2 SEE YOUR STALKERS” text, you’ll see that the URL actually redirects to another site, and in any normal Facebook post you should actually see the “Share” button in this position. Read the full article by Andrew Lee, CEO ESET North America.

Facebook’s Search and Destroy

An article came out yesterday from Clement Genzmer who is a security engineer at Facebook.  His tagline is “searching and destroying malicious links“. Facebook announced the following security measures in a bid to keep their ecosystem free and clear to enable its users to visit and share their lives without fear of infection. Read more in an article by Paul Laudanski Director of CTAC, North America.

Facebook's Self-XSS Protection Account Safety

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